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An employee for one of my customers last week made the comment that she thought a web application I built was "almost unusable". Unfortunately, I had to agree. This customer used a design firm for this application. The goal was to create a web app that was more "usable" than their previous applications. Unfortunately, the design firm did not have much expertise in this area, and the results are unfortunate. The application looks okay, but it requires several clicks to get to the desired information, which is frustrating for end users.

Unfortunately, this customer made a couple of mistakes. Since usability was important, they should have been more careful about the organization they hired. Also, they got caught up in the look of the design and not the usability of the design. And once some issues were identified, they didn't correct them, because one of their employees was too attached to the design. He felt it was important to keep the design "pure".

It makes me sad, because I expressed reservations about the design from the very beginning. This isn't the first time this customer has ignored my advice, either. Unfortunately, they'll pay more in the end when we have to re-do it.

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