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Can you hear me now?

Do you ever run into a vendor who doesn't listen to you? I find this happens a lot more frequently than I would expect.

Today I am struggling with an online vendor who made a mistake on my order. They got most of the order correct, but one item came in the wrong size. I shipped it back to them and requested a replacement. Unfortunately, they sent the wrong size back to me. The packing list shows the correct size. Apparently, something is in the wrong bin in the shipping department.

Before I shipped it back again, I decided to contact them to explain the problem. I figured that would tell me whether or not this was going to happen again. So, I sent an email and explained the situation. I asked if they could assure me that this would not happen a third time.

The response I received was that my replacement item was shipped a few days ago and that I should receive it in the next few weeks. Huh? I guess that answers my question. They aren't paying attention, and they are unlikely to start.

It is a good reminder that at a minimum, our customers expect us to listen to them. It doesn't matter if you are a retail firm or a software developer - customers and users need to be heard.

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