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Unacceptable Risks

It is surprising to see what some people consider to be acceptable risks.

Sometimes there are logical reasons for the discrepancy between what might be an acceptable risk but not in others. For example, the dangers associated with rock climbing (injury and death) make it an unacceptably risky activity for me. But for others, the benefits (enjoyment and exercise) outweight the risks. And of course, experienced climbers know how to mitigate the risks.

Software development has many risks. Often those who sponsor development projects don't adequately understand those risks. One of the principle risks that is not considered is the possibility that the developer working for an organization isn't worthy of the trust bestowed on them. This is the result.

Organizations can create processes to try to protect themselves - code reviews, pair programming, rigorous testing. And these may help. But ultimately, you must be able to trust the developer working on your project. If you can't, you shouldn't be working with them (no matter how "cheap" they are.)

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Avonelle is an incredibly talented software developer. She works fast, is economical, and offers great insights into the project at hand. She is also not afraid to speak up when she has concerns about a decision or approach. We’ve utilized her talents on many of our software development projects over the years.

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