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The issues are same

When I worked for a consulting company, one of the challenges we faced was finding work that was compelling to our consultants. Most technical consultants enjoy a technical challenge, and are doing consulting work instead of working at a 9 to 5 company because they like the variety and technical challenges that are available when working for a consulting company. If you didn't keep your staff challenged, they were likely to leave for other opportunities. However, you are not selling services to geeks, but to business people who are just solving business problems.

Today a friend of mine who owns an HVAC service company was telling me that they have the same challenges in his industry. He has found a niche in gas fireplace installations, which apparently many organizations do not actively pursue. Why? The service techs don't like the work - it is too boring!

There are some unique problems to the technology businesses, but not as many as we think.

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