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Five reasons why my customers are awesome

I know, I know. Sounds like I'm just trying to suck up, doesn't it?

Well, just a tiny bit.

But I do have awesome customers. In fact, there are actually more reasons than 5. But here are the top 5 reasons why I love my customers and think they are the bomb:

They ask questions. I'm not talking about "when will this be done" types of questions, although they ask that too. They ask questions about why things work the way they do. They want to understand. They are intellectually curious.

They share their ideas. Some people may find this irritating, but I think it is awesome. When I get stuck, my customers help me to get unstuck, even the ones that don't know much about technology. Cool!

They know we are partners. Some customers will treat a programmer like an order taker. My customers treat me like a valued partner in their business. I want them to be successful, and they want me to be successful, too. This isn't about winners and losers - we are both winners in this relationship.

They tell me what is really important. Sometimes, you can't have everything. Sometimes incorporating one feature means giving up something else. My customers are great at identifying the key priorities so that I can make sure our solution accomplishes that first.

They are honest. I read stories every day about freelancers who worked with someone who changed their mind six times and didn't admit it, or who refuse to pay for work after it was delivered. I've never encountered a customer who lied to me or wasn't fair with me.

Does this sound like you? If you are looking for a freelance programmer for your next project, you can email me at avonelle at codepoetrysoftware dot com.

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Avonelle has been a pleasure to work with.  Working with someone that you know will always deliver is tremendous.

Mark McNamee @ Renewal by Andersen