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Want better results from your programmer? Communicate your goals.

The best developers are consultative. They can work with you to help you achieve the best results for your business.

But you probably wont’ attract the best developers or get the best results if your interactions with them inhibit feedback. For example:

  • Do you provide your programmer with a laundry list of to-do items? Or do you communicate your objectives?
  • Is everything a “priority” to you? Or can you quickly identify the things that are truly the most important?
  • Do you shut down all ideas that didn’t come from you? Or do you express an interest in hearing the programmer’s ideas based on their development expertise?

The most successful relationships between business people and programmers are collaborative. If you aren’t building a collaborative relationship between yourself and your developer, you are missing out on experience that could benefit your business.

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What the critics are saying...

Avonelle is a rare IT professional who can communicate with business users on a level they can understand, and who can recommend creative technical solutions that are in line with the business goals and the business budget. Avonelle is conscientious not only about meeting deadlines, but also exceeding her customers expectations around quality software while providing superior customer service. Avonelle is an inspiration to me.

Valerie Vogt, Director of IT Advisory Services @ Inetium