Are you considering hiring a programmer? These are the software development services I currently offer:

  • Web application development (with ASP.NET)
  • Database design (with SQL Server)
  • Application design and business analysis
  • Data transformation and integration services (SQL SSIS)
  • Reporting (with ActiveReports or SQL Server Reporting Services) 
  • DevOps build and deployment via Azure DevOps
  • SQL Unit Testing via TSqlT
  • Help system authoring
  • Custom application support

Do you have a project you want to discuss with me? Email me at or call 612-605-0145.

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What the critics are saying...

Avonelle is an incredibly talented software developer. She works fast, is economical, and offers great insights into the project at hand. She is also not afraid to speak up when she has concerns about a decision or approach. We’ve utilized her talents on many of our software development projects over the years.

Carrie Rocha, Chief Operating Officer @ HousingLink